We are looking to redefine your traveling experience with our new range of accessories made for you, the avid traveller, who is seeking comfort and peace of mind as you travel there and back. Each print design has a story and is designed by young South African textile designers. Our designs tell a story of the fabric of Africa. Customised designs are available for corporate brands. 

The exclusive and limited range available by season and trend.


We are inspired by all things Africa, our products are designed locally, to give you a unique, beautiful , and functional accessories to carry a piece of Africa with you wherever you go



Our mission is to be environmentally friendly, by creating sustainable travel products to lessen the plastic footprint of bag wraps. We also want to help increase the life span of your luggage, protect your traveling assets and bring you a sense of well-being and increased enjoyment in your travel experience, through products that truly meet your traveling needs.


Durable, Washable & Reusable Protective Suitcase Covers

Comfortable and Cool Travel Pillows

Protective and Pretty Wine Carriers

Fashionable Traveling Accessories Totes and Scarves

Sizeable and Fashionable Blankets


MudCloth originates from ancient Malian culture, also known as bogolan or Bògòlanfini, a handmade cotton fabric traditionally dyed with fermented mud.

It’s significance, was its camaflouge effect for hunters and use in traditional rituals for its power to absorb dangerous forces.

Our pattern is inspired and deconstructed from the geometric and black and white pattern trend of this fabric.

Ankara originally the Indonesian Wax prints used in fabrics brought to Africa via Dutch trade and adopted as heritage pieces across West Africa. The tribal patterns and motifs have strong resonance as they represent the bold and vibrant energy and personality of the African continent.

Our pattern design is inspired by the opportunity to create a  variety of pattern ideas that are inclusive across the continent.

Shweshwe described as the denim of South Africa, holds its resonance with the Basotho people from Lesotho, named after King Moshoeshoe [Moshweshwe] as he was gifted the fabric by French Missionaries and made it popular. Worn traditionally by Xhosa women who are newlywed – ‘Makoti’ also called as jarman and worn by married Basotho women.Our inspiration comes from the geometric circles and the original indigo dye of the original wax print.

Ndebele an ethic group of people in Southern Africa – across Zimbabwe and South Africa dominantly.

These geometrical and symmetrical colourful patterns are drawn by hand and painted on the houses in communities of this tribe. They are said to have been a way of communicating during a time of oppression and slavery after the Boer War in South Africa. We’ve taken inspiration from the perfection, brightness and boldness of these patterns

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