We are looking to redefine your traveling experience with our new range of accessories made for you, the avid traveler, who is seeking comfort and peace of mind as you travel There And Back. Each print design has a story and is designed by young South African textile designers.Our designs tell a story of the fabric of Africa. Customized designs available for corporate brands. Exclusive and limited range available by season and trend.


We are inspired by all things African, our products are designed locally, to give you unique, beautiful, and functional accessories to carry a piece of Africa with you wherever you go.


Inspired by the camouflage aesthetic of the handmade cotton fabric of the ancient Malian culture, Bógólanfini. Traditionally dyed with fermented mud and also used in traditional rituals for its power to absorb dangerous forces


Inspired by the handpainted, hand-drawn symmetrical geometry of the bold and colorful patterns, of the Ndebele people across Southern Africa. Used as a way of communicating during a time of oppression and slaverly after the Boer War in South Africa.


This indigo dye inspiration is described as the denim of South Africa, it holds resonance with the Basotho people, and is named after king Moshoeshoe [Moshweshwe]. Shweshwe is worn traditional by woman in the Basotho and Xhosa tribes to signify their marital status


Inspired by the Indonesian Wax prints which hold great heritage across West Africa, brought here through Dutch trade. The tribal patterns and motifs represent the bold and vibrant energy and personality of the African continent.

Also available in plain colours.

Plain Red

Plain Blue

Plain Black


Our intention is to reduce the use of plastic wraps when traveling. When purchasing our product, you can save the environment and protect your bag from accelerated wear and tear, as well as protect your contents from theft.

Corporate Sales

Customized and branded covers available at wholesale prices for corporate gifting,and corporate sales